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CLICK Workshop: Goal Setting for Goal Getting

CLICK Workshop: Goal Setting for Goal Getting


Planning & Communicating Your Professional Vision

Why study Goal Setting at Griffith College?

  • Get clear about what you and your team are focused on at work
  • Identify what would bring the best possible outcomes
  • Create a written down strategy of tasks to follow and meet the newly identified objectives
  • Use your experience and your imagination to envision the future outcomes and exceed your previous expectations
  • Get re-energised and engaged in what you are doing and have more positive energy to fuel your efforts 

Research shows that people who have written down goals are more likely to attain them. A collaborative team working together on goals will not only reach their goals but will achieve them more quickly. Implement the power of intentions by assessing your professional journey. Identifying what you most want can be an empowering exercise in creating your future direction. It’s important not just to have goals but to select and write down the ones that energise and motivate your performance on a daily basis. Explore exciting steps to trick your brain into new activities that will lead you to your best self. Appreciate and identify the unique skills that will make you unstoppable in your career quest. Be fully expressed and enjoy your job! 

Intake Dates

  • 5 February 2019
  • 5 March 2019
Course details

What is CLICK?

CLICK is our new Professional Development Programme at Griffith College City Centre; it offers an array of new strategic courses to help people grow in their job, communicate more productively and feel less stressed. We studied the current world of work and found the major issues that plague workers. We have created courses to help professionals overcome these problems with professional development.

These courses are an original blend of: 

  • Best practices in the workplace
  • Knowledge and evidence-based research
  • Highly dynamic, interactive exercises
  • Skills to give people a competitive edge at work
  • Ways to have a higher degree of job satisfaction

Designed with the active professional in mind, these courses meet your lifestyle needs. 

We offer:

  • In person, live online streaming or recorded sessions
  • A variety of long and short sessions to meet your schedule
  • A range of convenient times including evenings, lunchtimes and during busy commutes so you can beat the traffic and boost your career
  • Certificates that can be earned by taking a combination of sessions to fit your schedule and lifestyle demands
  • A blend of practical and philosophical content with implementable steps for you to take
  • A customised handbook of information in the class or online for you to download to continue learning and growing after the course is over

Course Contact

Dublin City Centre Campus
How to Apply

Apply directly to Griffith College.


This course is delivered in one three-hour session for €95. 

Alternately, take all courses as a six-part certificate series for €395.


CLICK courses can be taken individually; alternately, sign up for the six-part certificate series for a discounted rate.


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