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Organisational Behaviour (Taster Course)

Organisational Behaviour (Taster Course)


This module is designed to provide learners with a clear insight into the behaviours within an organisation.

The importance of having an understanding of organisational behaviour is vital from both the individual and management’s perspective. This module focuses on the interrelationship between the individual, the group dynamic and the internal environment within an organisation.

Why study Organisational Behaviour at Griffith College?

This course is a singular module taken from the Diploma in Business Management and runs one evening a week for twelve weeks.

On successful completion of this module, learners should be able to:

  • Evaluate the organisational factors that contribute to success within the business sector.
  • Discuss and evaluate the main theories of motivation and their application in the current business environment.
  • Assess the importance of good structure for organisational performance.
  • Explain the importance of culture and diversity within the business environment.
  • Recognise the importance of a supportive learning environment in organisations.

Intake Dates

Our intake for this course commences in September 2020.

Course details
The Organisational Setting
  • Nature of Organisational Behaviour
  • Approaches to Organisation and Management
Organisational Structure and Design
  • The Meaning and Nature of Organisational Structure
  • The Design of Organisation Structure
  • Division of Work
Organisation Culture and Change
  • Organisational Culture
  • The Importance of Culture
  • The Nature of Organisational Change
  • The Management of Organisational Change
Organisational Control and Power
  • Managerial and Leadership Styles and Power
  • Elements of Organisation Control
  • Delegation and Empowerment
  • Behavioural Factors in Control Systems
Work Groups and Teams in Organisations
  • The Meaning and Importance of Groups and Teams
  • Role Relationships
  • Group Values and Norms
Work Motivation and Job Satisfaction
  • Needs and Expectations at Work
  • Theories of Motivation
  • The Meaning and Nature of Job Satisfaction
Diversity and Individual Differences
  • Managing individuals at work
  • Personality
  • Diversity Management & Organisations
The Nature of Learning
  • Learning and the Individual
  • The learning Organisation
  • Facilitating Learning
Organisational Strategy & Ethics
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • The importance of ethics

Course Contacts

If you have any questions please get in touch with us at [email protected] or 01 415 0429.


September 2020 - Dates available on request.


How to Apply

Entry Requirements 

Mature Students 

If you are 23 years or over from the 1st January of this year, you can apply for this course directly using the College’s online application form.

Under 23 Years 

Old Leaving Cert (Pre 2017)

Two Honours Level, Grade C3s or above and four Ordinary Level D3s (subjects to include Maths and a language, English, Irish or another language) or equivalent exam taken.

New Leaving Cert

2 H5 and 4 O6/H7 grades, to include Maths and a language (English, Irish or another language).

How to Apply

Directly to Griffith College Short Courses Department


Study Mode: Part-Time

Fee: EUR 300.00


Academic Progression

Further to completion of the Organisation Behaviour module, learners are recommended to continue their studies at Griffith College by applying for our Diploma in Human Resource Management or BA (Hons) in Business Studies.


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